Valtera Perića 4/1, Marijin dvor, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Us

We are Top One

We are a team of professional and highly skilled Individuals striving to provide support to people and organizations. As a Consulting company, TOP ONE helps new businesses improve their performances and results through analysis and bringing of solutions to problems with suggestions for improvement. We center our services in the whole of UAE, and our assistance is in the management, financial, technical, legal sector. With the experience we've attained over the years; we are so confident in our services, and we believe a trial would definitely convince all new clients to keep coming back for more


We work, support and carry out tasks in different languages such as English, Arabic, German, Spanish, and Italian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages.


From planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources, we got all our clients covered, together with procedures to achieve their individual objectives and goals.


Our state-of-the-art design ideas will help clients bring to realization what they want; with a full understanding of their goals, we go on and beyond to deliver an extraordinary service to their amazement of the extent at which we enhanced their own ideas, and with our absolute commitment to excellence, our clients are delighted.
Through the services our sister companies and partners offer, we take care of your total construction and redevelopment projects, and see that all general contracting processes and property restoration needs are fully met.
For all projects in the private, commercial or industrial sector, TOP ONE provides the right and high-quality services to all clients.


  • We pay attention to understand our client’s wants and objective while bringing our ideas to the table;
  • We fully understand the market and cost, so we adjust our fee so all customers can afford it, and work promptly;
  • We deliver without delay or compromise of job quality which gives us an edge over other firms;
  • We are qualified in what we do, and when we deliver, it’s nothing less than perfection.

We are available always to help out in your needs.